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John Wordsworth's Live Journal

Woo - What an Exciting Title!

12 March
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A closed mind is like a closed book; just a block of wood.

The year, 2005. And who am I? Well, most people like to call me John - at least, to my face. I'm mostly defined by the fact that I do a PhD and the fact that I spend far too much of my time trying to take on as many commitments as I can.

My PhD is mostly about numbers and I have a habit of using computers to help me - because some of the numbers are rather large and have a habit of changing lots. If you want me to be more precise, it's about dynamics - but where I originally thought that would basically just mean 'moving things', it's actually quite a lot about neurons and brains and deep stuff like that. Outside of my PhD but at university, I don't have that many society commitments any more. There's my favourite and biggest love at uni, Nightline, there's Exeposé and there Gilbert and Sullivan (Pirates of Penzance).

Outside of uni, I spend a lot of my time being social (yes, that often means in the pub 'riding the wave of history' with the new liscensing hours). I spend many hours a week worrying about Live Action Roleplay, or table-top Roleplay, and I spend a lot of my life drawing, writing or programming.

Essentially, what I enjoy most is being creative. Writing, Roleplaying, Programming, Drawing, Making Games, it's all good. Second to that, I enjoy doing all these things for other people (and teaching them how to do them for themselves), because then it gets put to good use and someone actually benefits and gets enjoyment from it.

So, without further ado - click your mouse on my Live Journal and read about my life. It's not that exciting, but I often try to make my posts humourous, so that will hopefully make it a little nicer to read. Go on. What are you still reading this for? Go. Now. Please. Pretty Please. Oh, screw you. ;)